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i feel like we ned to expand on that baseball au mm
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I see a trend with this anon.
Please be more creative.
Hit me with your best shot.

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Name: Ru Age: 17 Gender: yikes Division: FlammableRank: MemberElement: Sodium
Description: 5’4”, a lazy bum, bleaches hair occasionally

+ twitter+ internet+ food+ homos+ classical music


- holding a conversation for longer than 1 min- talking in front of a crowd- talking- scary things


a total loser, withdrawn, seems to be glaring at you all the time but its just a neutral face ACTS NUTS ON THE INTERNET??? probably cant survive without internet


a mystery


feet (steps on your toes)


mere presence makes you feel uncomfortable
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aspiring ceo of some bi g company that’s all u need to know))))
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Name: KataAge:  18Gender: F Division: Poi divElement: Lead (Pb)Height: 5’7”Weight: Yeah not a lot Rank: MemberTalent:  Screaming quietly , supporting people, giving people hugs, laughing a lot at nothing, being dumb
I’ll destroy you with my hugs
If need be I can hopefully jab my elbows in your gut as self defense Description: Black hair that looks brown in the sun, dark chocolate eyes that just look black ok bye, idk hairy lmao, idk what I look like I have a very skewed perception of myself that includes health reality and negative self esteem Likes and Dislikes: +: family, cute people, cute things, friends, homos,  dressing up, my dogs, everything 
_ Dumb things, scary stuff , being taken advantage of, being insecure (i’m fixing it ok I promise)Personality: I love making people happy and that’s basically my whole personality i’m serious. If I somehow upset you i’ll try my best to fix it and if it’s something to do with me I don’t hesitate to try and change myself even if it’s not who I am even if I don’t realize at the time. I’m pretty open about things I do, mundane actions but I don’t like bringing attention to myself about my health or my emotional state because I hate feeling like a burden on people which is a lot of the time. I’m pretty much the easiest friend in the world— if you give me attention and seem to like me I will love you forever and dote on you but I just actually need reassuring sometimes and support even if I’m reluctant to talk about my 103958209385093851035 health issues. I’m more high maintenance irl because it’s easier to see when I disappear a lot for my 103958 appointments so I’m gomen for a lot of things yeah
My goal in life is to make people laugh if I can do that it makes me the happiest//  History:  I have the worst luck in the world hahhahaahMiscellaneous: I have a really optimistic view for life and it’s only possible because of all my friends and you guys thank u. I’m really touchy feely irl. I say I’m ok a lot when I’m not because I feel people aren’t really asking if I’m ok, it’s just a general thing to say when you start talking. Idk why this is the most truthful thing I’ve written in a while and it’s not even funny so I’ll just stop omg . I don’t like putting my hair up yeah.

This actually fucking looks like you oh my god
Tell me how you do it
Why can’t I look this fabu
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Some sketches of self Haz people ;7;Sorry that I butcher you guys sobbbbbbbI’ll try to do more people some time ;7;

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((im goin 2 hell))

HNGHHHH HUFF HUFF HUFF B U K K I !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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whispers i did the self-meme too
Name: JAge: Twenty-one (wow i keep almost writing twenty-two because of brandt now)Gender: Hot Stud DouchebagDivision: FlammableElement: Mercury (Hg)Height: 5’4” (sobs i’m short okay)Weight: 96.5 lbs (but i’ve got MUSCLE i swear)Description:i’m a sexy and narcissistic douchebagi am all of these guys the dude the dudette the dog the deinonychusdeaf in one earshort but MUSCULAR obvpointy eyebrows (apparently they’re my most obvious feature LMAO look even the dinosaur kinda has ‘em)LikesSelf, draw— no wait colouring, playing the piano, confusing people, really bad jokes and toilet humour, attention, and hot otps
DislikesDrawing like 70% of the time omf, interruptions, being ignored or underestimated, vegetables, people, dirt, touching things other people have touched in public, people who don’t wash their hands after doing their business, gum under the table, and yeah everythingPersonality:An incredibly narcissistic person who is both overly enthusiastic/social and borderline-misanthropic. Bluntly honest about opinions and has a tendency to chatter on without really thinking. Has an overinflated ego, but has a terrible temper and holds grudges for life. Has an odd sense of humour that revolves around morbidity and the bathroom as well as sharing strange facts at inappropriate times. Often approaches others first when making acquaintances irl, but for some reason almost never initiates acquaintanceship online—Backstory:i ate a dinosaur and got powersFighting styleI can kick people in the shins really hard; that’s about iti get bruises from dinky little play-punches lolsobPowers:mercury bubblei’m frickin’ doraemon i can pull anything out of this bag or my pockets a gun a machete a zombie you name iti can hear people in another world through my deaf earcan shapeshift from dude to dudette to dog to dinosaur and back to dudeblue steelMAGNUM

Take all my feels